Ministry of Health

Republican Centre for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health

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In order to speed up issuing necessary documents the Test Management Department specialists develop a laboratory test programme, draw up invoice documents, as well as determine the time when results of laboratory tests are ready.

Thus you have passed the most important stage for state registration of your products in the Customs Union.

If you are a regular customer, the procedure takes even less time. You guarantee the payment and we get down to business!

Laboratory department specialists conduct all the tests while using the modern high-performance equipment:

- gas and liquid chromatographs;

- chromatomassspectrometers;

- atomic absorption and atomic emission spectrometers;

- polymerase chain reaction devices;

- immuno-enzimatic analyzers.

The RCHEPH specialists provide the following services:
1) services on sanitary and hygienic, toxicological and microbiological testing:
a) sanitary and hygienic expertise of technical regulatory legal acts (TRLA), expiry dates (storage periods) and storage conditions of food staples and food products, unlike stipulated in TRLA in force, design documents, hygienic estimation of working environment, etc.
b) laboratory tests on food and non-food product groups
2) services on state registration of goods
3) services on laboratory diagnostics.
The Laboratory Department of RCHEPH is accredited for technical competence and independence, as well as for quality system complying with ISO-17025 requirements in the national accreditation system for verifying and test laboratories with extensive sphere of accreditation.
The Laboratory is listed in the Common register of certification agencies and test laboratories (centers) of the Customs Union and is in a position to carry out testing (examination) of products for conformity with the Common sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements in force in the customs territory.

PRICELIST 17-2015 for paid services on sanitary-and-hygienic, microbiological and toxicological testing being carried out for Non-residents

PRICELIST № 21-2015 charges for medical laboratory diagnostic services for foreign nationals (optional citizens)

PRICELIST № 21/2015 for the services of state registration of products (goods) Applicant - Manufacturer products (goods) from countries not members of the Customs Union

PRICELIST № 24/2015 on setting services (non-compliance) product requirements established by international treaties of the Republic of Belarus, international legal acts constituting the legal and regulatory framework of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space for applicants - nonresidents of the Republic of Belarus