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After 06.10.2014 documents for approval of TNLA projects are accepted at: 4 K. Tsetkin str., office 18, Minsk, phone: 200 12 32. Account Department: 200-03-39.

SI RCHEPH provides services on conducting individual monitoring of the personnel in your organization by providing individual dosimeters. SI RCHEPH provides the following services on monitoring:

- measurement of individual doses of external occupational radiation exposure.


SI RCHEPH has an extensive experience in conducting individual monitoring of the personnel. It has been providing its services on dosimetry to other organizations working with sources of ionizing radiation for 27 years. Our Centre conducts individual dosimetric control in health care institutions of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, which work with sources of ionizing radiation.

Our Centre is a reliable and responsible partner for more than 400 different organizations of other ministries and departments of Brest, Vitebsk, Grodno, Minsk region and Minsk City. The staff of our organization, which is responsible for the implementation of radiation research, has high qualifications and experience.

All equipment is subject to annual verification in BELGIM.

Contact numbers:

8(017)321 22 69 (IDC)



Individual dosimetric control is carried out using individual thermoluminescent dosimeters (DTU-1 and DTL-02) with two DTG-4 detectors on the basis of single-crystal LiF with thermoluminescent dosimetry system DVG-02TM, thermoluminescent dosimetry complex DOSE-TLD (Russia).


Information. Dear customers!

In accordance with the letter of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus dated 07.08.2013, No. 10-27/10-1260 "On the control of sterility" the experts of SI "Republican Centre of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health" by the assignment of RUE "Centre of expertise and testing in health care" conduct the examination of manufacturer’s documents for granting permission for sales and use of sterile medical products without sterility testing.

According to the price list no. 22-2014/8 dated 29.08.2014 on paid medical services on sanitary-and-hygienic, microbiological and toxicological testing provided by SI RCHEPH, the following paid medical services were approved: issuing an opinion on the results of examination of certificates confirming the introduction and implementation of quality assurance systems, the manufacturer's documents confirming sterilization and sterility testing of supplied medical products.

The service costs 372849 rubles including VAT, terms of payment-100% prepayment.

For the conclusion of a contract for the performance of issuing an opinion on the results of examination of documents, you should contact Test Management Department of SI RCHEPH: 50 Kazintsa str., Minsk (1 floor, office 105, phone 2122153).